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Junior Coaching
At Waipu Golf Club we have a strong strategy for developing junior golf.  
(Best to check with the Golf shop 09 432 0259, as weather and tournaments can on occasion change these plans)

Or Waipu Golf Club
P:09 432 0259 or E: waipu@golf.co.nz
Junior under 18 $100
Or contact us about our Family membership
NZ Golf through Dot Golf are no longer supporting the Kiwi course. In its place a Purple course has been introduced. The only changes for us will be the introduction of two extended par fives, #8 and #14, so look out for the purple tile at the beginning of these fairways. The purple course will be rated so a comparable handicap with other golf courses is found.
The purple course is a short course for everyone but mainly for juniors and beginners.
On our course the ladies and men’s tees are the same. For the time being a Kiwi icon will be used to show their positions. On most tees this is drawn with a purple permanent felt marker.